Romply company has been set up in 2004 as a green field investment in Călăraşi and was meant to produce both standard film-faced poplar plywood as well as plywood for niche Clients.

For now we have established two production lines: one for the standard film-faced poplar plywood 1250 x 2500 various thickness and, more recently, we restarted the production line for niche products: Jumbo film-faced plywood up to 2500 x 6100 x 21 (24, 27) mm and wire-mesh, as well big dimensions.

The company benefits from high performance equipment that guarantees compliance to quality standards. This, together with complete infrastructure connections (road, water, railway) enables us to take advantage of the rich poplar forests along the Danube River.


The Team


Products and technology don’t meet the customers’ expectations, people do. We value and support people in our team and consider them a competitive advantage.

We strive to attract, develop, motivate and retain the best people we can find, people who care about their jobs and the partnership with their colleagues, as teamwork is essential to our efforts in meeting customers’ expectations.

We make sure they have the tools and training they need to succeed in their work. We encourage them to make decisions and to be accountable for them. We expect nothing but their best and thank them for their outstanding performance.

People in our company are “team members” not “employees”. They are our greatest asset, not an expense.




In all our works we are guided by Values.

We value high Trust, Commitment and Loyalty.

We focus on Quality, Efficiency, Sustainability and Knowledge.




From the very beginning, the company has shown its concern for the environment. The place where the factory was set-up was initially used as local garbage deposit. The place is now rehabilitated and anyone could see a significant difference.

We do business with environment protection in mind so we make sure we don’t release any hazardous substance in the atmosphere, water or soil. Formaldehyde released from our plywood panels is classified as class E1 – not dangerous at all.