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Romply Merops is a plywood factory, based in Calarasi, Romania.

Romply Merops aims to be a strong partner for both its Clients and Suppliers. We understand that we are just a link in a more complex ‘supply chain’ that starts from a natural resource – the forest – and ends with the final consumer. We care about the Clients of our Client and about the Suppliers of our Supplier and thus we contribute to a sound flow of values and money along the entire ‘supply chain’.

Our Goal is to become the strongest poplar plywood factory in Romania and in the region.

Target Clients are plywood whole-sellers and construction companies from Turkey, EU and Romania.

Our main products are poplar film-faced plywood for construction industry – standard and big size, and wire-mesh.

All plywood is produced with poplar veneer 1.8 mm that will provide more strength to the final product. All plywood is glued with phenol resin and painted outside with special paint to be water proof. All our products will have one face film with our logo.

We also produce plywood without film, used mainly for packing, but having application in the furniture industry as well, or temporary flooring (stage, grand stand).

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